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Holiday Invitational Wine Tastings 2014

The Days are Short, the Nights are Long
The news report the mall's a throng
So we'll exhort, you can't go wrong
Come to the Cellar, we'll sing your song

No matter what...
You are going to need some wine
And we have some delicious ones for you

November 22 & 29, December 6, 1 - 5 PM at the Winery

And match fantastic nibbles with our wines

Shadowbrook Winemaker Wednesday

November 19, 5 - 8 PM

RSVP by e-mail or 831.685.0321
Directions on our website if you've not been here before!

2014 promises to be a decent wine year, despite the drought
It certainly was a hot, crispy year for lizards!

Not so great for amphibians around here!

Pretty good in the Trinity Alps, though


And Utah, too!


What's coming next is, with some optimism:

A siege of showers
Forty-Nine touchdowns
Fat moons and fast meteors
Fresh laughter and old music
Primitivo among friends

We'll have some delightful wines
To go under your tree
On top of your table
Or in your daypack

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Wells Shoemaker MD


Salamandre's winemaker, Wells Shoemaker, has lugged a backpack to remote mountains in the desert, the tropics, the coastal ranges, and of course, the granite peaks of Northern California for 30 years. As the years have passed, the natural harmony of nature, mischief, food, and wine have led to some successful experiments with backcountry cooking, heavily featuring Mediterranean themes. We're pleased to share a few suggestions, with the sheepish acknowledgment that they taste pretty good at home, too!

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