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Fall 2011 Newsletter Achin' for GraniteSpring 2013 Newsletter
Late Harvest Wines:  A Stickie Adventure

Fall 2011 Newsletter Achin' for GraniteFall 2011 Newsletter
Achin’ for Granite: A Plutonic Relationship Lessons from the Gondor Salient

Spring 2011 Newsletter: Land of the Long While CloudSpring 2011 Newsletter
Land of the Long While Cloud


Fall 2010 NewsletterFall 2010 Newsletter
Harvest 2010: Calm before the Storms

Summer 2010 NewsletterSummer 2010 Newsletter
Trabuco Surprise: Salamanders in
Orange County!

Golden CaliforniaSpring 2010 Newsletter
    Panamint Spring 2010

Saved from the crusher!Fall 2009 Newsletter
     Harvest and Health Care 2009

New Release - Aimée RoséSpring 2009 Newsletter
     Aimée: A Rosé by Another Name

Curvy contrast - Eureka DunesWinter 2009 Newsletter
     Winter Light on Winsome Salamandres

Pfeiffer SunsetFall 2008 Newsletter
     Beyond Terroir: In Salamandre,
     It’s the People

Spring 2008 Newsletter
     The Owl Feather in Dead Horse Canyon

Winter 2008 Newsletter
     Condors and Whales, Lovers and Salamandres

Fall 2007 Newsletter
    Getting Woods'ed in the Meadow


Summer 2007 Newsletter
    Couples in the Canyons


Spring 2007 Newsletter - GladeRunner


Fall 2006 Newsletter - The Lizard of Oz:
Salamandres in Western Australia


Summer 2006 Newsletter - Roadrunners Beware: Coyote in the Cellar


Spring 2006 Newsletter One Art of the Winemaker:
Blend but Don’t Break

Fall 2005 Newsletter - The Physics of Primitivo...Trapping the Elusive Hedon Particle


Spring 2005 Newsletter - Wrong Canyon, Right Karma

Desert Spring 2005 Newsletter - Water, Wine, and Time

Winter 2004-2005 Newsletter Early Harvest 2004-Good and Twenty

Fall 2004 Newsletter Harvest 2004-Twenty Years and Something Special

Summer 2004 Newsletter Summer 2004-Canyon Dancing with the Ancients

Spring 2004 Newsletter Dionysos, Ariadne
and Fern


Fall 2003 Newsletter Mountain Spring and
Early Fall 2003


Spring 2003 Newsletter Lizards and Salamanders: Truth in Advertising


Winter 2002 Newsletter "Rattler Tales" Winter Newsletter 2002

Winter 2001 Newsletter Winter Solstice Newsletter 2001

Spring 2001 Newsletter Bully Wines for the Bear Cellar

Winter 2000 Newsletter Sweet Sixteen--Harvest 2000

Spring 2000 Newsletter Just Deserts and Primitivo

Fall 1999 Newsletter - Special Occasions And The Guillotine

Spring 1999 Newsletter Necessity is the Mother of Tradition

Fall 1997 Newsletter Turning Points in Western Civilization Or...Bacchus and Bubble Wrap

Summer 1997 Newsletter Salamandres In The Sky

Fall 1996 Newsletter Forest Gimp and the Sawtooth Salamanders: Crush 1996


Oyster mushroom Perfect Chanterelle Pasta




Harvest Report 2012 Harvest Report 2012


Uncommon SerenityUncommon Serenity



Tree Love on Snow MountainTree Love on snow Mountain


Carrizo Playin'Carrizo Playin'


Green Rain


Getting unstuck in the Desert
Temblor... Twenty years Ago


Getting unstuck in the Desert
"Corked" or Cork Tainted Wines
...a problem and a solution, with some hints about restaurant protocol

Getting unstuck in the Desert
Getting Unstuck in the Desert

Lightweight Keys to Great Backcountry Dining

Salamandre Winemaking Technique and Philosophy

Access…and ID’s…at Salamandre

Terra Burma—a collection of Salamandre poems
Terra Burma—a collection of Salamandre poems



Telescope Peak:
Wind, Schist, and Snow


Merlot (excerpt from lecture given at UC Davis)

What to do with an opened bottle of wine

Dettamanti Vineyard—A New Source for Salamandre Pinot

Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 11, 2003
Winemakers who cook - Grapes and mischief go into every bottle, by June Smith

Primitivo Cool--a night on Snow Mountain

Rhone Connection

Arroyo Seco Vineyard

Eureka Solstice

Los Lobos Vineyard



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