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Who says life is not a bowl
of cherries?

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A word about access. Salamandre Cellars has no tasting room and we are not open to the general public. Our private invitational tastings are held in the winery, which is carved into the hillside next to our home. Parking is very limited and our surfaces can be uneven, steep, and slippery. This is not an appropriate environment for unsupervised children, high heels, neckties, or stuffy attitudes, but it is also, unfortunately, not accessible to wheelchairs. We are pleased to make special advance arrangements so that guests with mobility challenges can sample our wines comfortably. Please Call 831-685-0321, or e-mail Thanks.

And a word about ID’s. I became a pediatrician in 1975 and my partner, Dave South, a dermatologist a few years later, and we’ve both become eerily accurate in estimating the ages of young people. We’ve also passed through our adolescent and college years in a society where the legal minimum age for alcohol service is 21. Between us, we’ve raised five children safely to the age of majority under the same societal rules. There just aren’t a whole lot of secrets left about underage drinking. If you are bringing a companion who is not yet 21, perhaps as a designated driver, we have soft drinks and water available. However, please do not ask me to put even a teaspoon of wine in his or her empty glass. I would like to spare us both the indignity of asking to see the driver’s license, which I will assuredly do. And if you have passed this chronological milestone, and I ask to see ID anyway, please accept that as a compliment to your youthful vitality. Thanks for your understanding.

Wells Shoemaker MD, Winemaker


Join Us at Our
Winter Invitational Tasting

Saturday, February 21, 2015
1 – 5 PM at the Winery